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The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) by RESNET is the industry standard for measuring home energy efficiency. In fact, a HERS Index score is required with any green building certification program, including ENERGY STAR®,  LEED for Homes, and Enterprise Green Communities.


As a certified RESNET HERS rater, McNeely Building Group can assess the energy efficiency of your home or multifamily building and assign it a HERS Index Score. We’re proud to serve Michigan as well as nearby parts of Ohio.

What a HERS Rating Says About a House

A HERS Index rating measures a home’s overall energy efficiency and offers valuable information for homeowners. It addition to telling how efficiently a house is operating, it will also reveal where improvements can be made for greater energy savings. If you’re a prospective home buyer, a HERS Index score can tell you what to expect in terms of energy expenses and future energy efficiency upgrades.

How the HERS Index Works

The HERS Index scale runs from zero to 100, with 100 representing a standard new house built to code. A lower score represents a more energy efficient home, while many older homes receive a score of over 100. A home with a score of 70, for example, is 30% more energy efficient than a standard new home, while a home with a score of 130 is 30% less energy efficient. Homes with lower HERS Index ratings tend to command a higher resale price.


To calculate the HERS Index score for a home or multifamily building, a HERS rater compares the data collected against a “reference home” of equal size and shape; so score is always relative to the size, shape, and type of home it is.

Obtain a HERS Index Score for Your Home

Are you a home builder or homeowner going after a green building certification like LEED for Homes, ENERGY STAR, or Zero Energy Ready? You’ll need a HERS Index Score. McNeely Building Group is a certified Home Energy Rater serving Michigan and Ohio and can perform the assessments needed to give you a HERS Index Score. Plus, as a third party home performance consultant with extensive experience in energy modeling, we can offer unbiased recommendations on how to achieve energy efficiency for green building certification.

Need a HERS Index score? McNeely Building Group is a certified HERS rater. Contact us or call (248) 677-6508 today to schedule a meeting with our team!