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ENERGY STAR certification offers a wide range of benefits for a residential building or single family home, including greater energy efficiency, enhanced indoor comfort, better durability, and reduced energy costs.


As a home performance consultant and certified ENERGY STAR rater, McNeely Building Group offers consulting and testing for ENERGY STAR certification throughout Michigan and parts of Ohio. Our ENERGY STAR consulting and testing services cover multifamily residential buildings as well as single family homes.

Why Get ENERGY STAR Certification?

ENERGY STAR is the government backed symbol for energy efficiency. With over 98,000 ENERGY STAR certified homes and multifamily units built in 2018 alone, and nearly 2 million certified homes built since 1995, homeowners and builders alike are recognizing the benefits of attaining ENERGY STAR certification.


ENERGY STAR certified homes are at least 10% more energy efficient than homes that are built to state energy codes. Whether you build a new home with rigorous ENERGY STAR requirements in mind or retrofit an existing home to achieve ENERGY STAR standards, the result is greater durability, greater comfort, and reduced energy and maintenance costs.


Some of the most noticeable benefits of an ENERGY STAR certified home include:

  • Greater energy efficiency

  • Reduced energy costs

  • More consistent temperatures

  • Fewer air leaks and drafts

  • Better durability against the elements

  • Healthier indoor air quality

Your Partner in the Certification Process

Are you a multifamily building developer looking to achieve ENERGY STAR certification? Or perhaps you are a home builder or homeowner who wants to certify a single family home? McNeely Building Group is your partner in ENERGY STAR certification.


Our team will walk you and your subcontractor through the certification process and answer any questions you may have along the way. We can also offer unbiased, third party recommendations as needed to bring your residential building or home up to rigorous ENERGY STAR standards. When all necessary work is complete, our raters can provide the third party testing needed to verify that your single family home or multifamily building qualifies for ENERGY STAR certification.

Want to certify a residential building or home with ENERGY STAR certification? Call (248) 677-6508 or contact us to schedule a meeting with our team!