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Demand for LEED certification is growing rapidly, especially in the residential sector. LEED homes are designed to be healthier and provide cleaner indoor air — and be more comfortable and energy efficient. In many markets, LEED certified homes are selling quicker, and for more money, than non-certified homes.


For builders (as well as homeowners and architects) who are interested in building to LEED for Homes standards, McNeely Building Group offers LEED for Homes consulting before and during the construction process. McNeely Building Group is a certified LEED for Homes green rater serving Michigan and Ohio.

Why Get LEED for Homes Certification?

The LEED for Homes program is designed for single family homes and multifamily projects up to eight stories. LEED certified homes and buildings exhibit a number of features that give people better, brighter, and healthier spaces to live. Key benefits of LEED for Homes certification include:

  • Sustainability

LEED certified homes save 30% to 60% more energy than non-green certified homes, conserve water resources, and generate less waste. Simply put, they’re better for the community and the environment.

  • Health

Homes that are certified through LEED for Homes incorporate safe building materials and are designed to promote better indoor air quality — in turn promoting better human health.

  • Comfort
    Efficiency and health enhancing features together create a home that is more comfortable to live in.

  • Value

LEED certified homes command a higher resale value, attract homebuyers and renters, and cost less to operate.

  • Recognition

As the most widely used green building rating system in the world, LEED is quickly becoming the globally recognized symbol of achievement in green building.

LEED for Homes Consulting in Michigan & Ohio

As an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), home performance consultant, and a certified LEED for Homes green rater, McNeely Building Group has the expertise to help you navigate the LEED for Homes certification process. Our team will work with you before and during construction to ensure that your new build meets exacting LEED for Homes standards. Plus, with extensive experience in energy modeling, we can offer recommendations on how to improve your design before building begins.

Are you a builder looking for earn LEED for Homes certification on your next build? We’re a certified LEED for Homes green rater. Call (248) 677-6508 or contact us to schedule a meeting with our team!