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Envelope leakage (blower door) testing and duct leakage testing play a key role in ensuring compliance with building codes — especially the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Michigan currently enforces the 2015 IECC for houses and residential buildings, while Ohio enforces the 2009 IECC.


McNeely Building Group offers blower door testing and duct leakage testing in both states to help builders and contractors ensure IECC code compliance.

Blower Door Testing

Michigan and Ohio state codes require blower door testing for houses and residential buildings. The blower door test is designed to measure total air leakage in a home or residential building. A blower door is installed in an exterior doorway, engaged to depressurize the house, and then a manometer measures the house’s air infiltration rate.


In addition to verifying code compliance, this important test provides valuable information about envelope airtightness. It is often performed during an energy audit in tandem with thermal imaging to reveal inefficiencies like air leaks and insulation gaps.

Duct Leakage Testing

State codes in Michigan and Ohio also require duct leakage testing for HVAC system ductwork that is located outside of the house’s conditioned space. This testing involves taping off duct supply and return registers, attaching a fan to a centralized return, and pressurizing the ducts to measure the air leakage rate. (This rate is given in a percentage of total duct leakage.)


We are able to provide duct leakage testing either before or after installing drywall according to your needs. Testing before drywall offers the opportunity to address any flaws while ductwork is still accessible; however, many of our clients prefer to schedule duct leakage testing together with blower door testing once drywall is in place.

McNeely Building Group: An Independent, Third Party Rater

As an independent, third party RESNET HERS rater, McNeely Building Group is fully qualified and certified to perform blower door and duct leakage testing for your code compliance needs. Plus, as a consultant for home performance certifications like ENERGY STAR® and DOE Zero Energy Ready, we can offer recommendations as needed on how to achieve and surpass code compliance.


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