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Enterprise Green Communities is an emerging program that aids in the development of green, affordable housing. With 127,000 green, healthy homes created and $3.9 billion invested since 2004, this initiative is steadily bringing the many health, environmental, and economic benefits of sustainable home construction to lower income families.


For builders and multifamily building developers who are looking to participate in this important initiative, McNeely Building Group offers consulting both before and during construction. We are certified home performance consultants and energy modelers serving the state of Michigan as well as much of Ohio.

Why Earn Enterprise Green Communities Certification?

With Enterprise Green Communities helping pave a green future for affordable housing, it’s easy to see the benefits of achieving Enterprise Green certification. Enterprise Green Communities criteria address the unique needs of the affordable housing sector and were developed along with some of the nation’s leading environmental, economic, and green building experts.


The Green Communities approach to green building promotes homes that:

  • operate efficiently

  • conserve resources

  • are energy efficient

  • support a healthy living environment

  • are well integrated with the surrounding neighborhood


This holistic approach ensures that people living in affordable housing are healthier, spend less money on utilities, and have better access to transportation, quality food, and healthcare.

How Green Communities Certification Works

The Enterprise Green Communities program uses a points based system to ensure green building and energy efficiency. To meet the Green Communities criteria, projects must meet all requirements of the program, plus 30-35 additional points in the checklist. All applications for certification must be submitted through the Green Communities Certification Portal.

Navigate the Certification Process with McNeely Building Group

If you’re a builder or developer interested in pursuing Green Communities certification, get in touch with the team at McNeely Building Group. As a third party home performance consultant, energy modeler, and certified rater with a number of green building certification programs, we have the expertise to offer Green Communities certification consulting.


Our team will work with you during the design phase to ensure that you are using the most cost effective solutions to meet Green Communities criteria — and then during the construction phase to conduct necessary inspections and verify compliance. We can also help you navigate the certification process and answer any questions you may have.

Are you a builder or developer looking to earn Enterprise Green Communities certification? McNeely Building Group can help. Contact us or call (248) 677-6508 today to schedule a meeting with our team!